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Old Navy Polo Shirts

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Old Navy Boys Uniform PolosOld Navy Polos Boston Blue
Old Navy Polo Shirts offer some of the best reasons people buy polo shirts in the first place:  they’re relatively inexpensive, they are good quality and they offer a stylish, yet casual look. You can easily find Old Navy polo shirts at any of their locations and oftentimes you can find them on sale or at discounted prices.

We’ll look at a couple of the advantages of cheap Old Navy Polo Shirts over other brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger or Lacoste, and see some of the places that might be offering Old Navy coupons or at least a discount on the shirts themselves.

Of course, Old Navy stores are usually pretty easy to find, so you can always count on a good selection in almost any major shopping center or location.  They offer their polo shirts in a wide variety of colors, and bulk polo shirts are usually at a discounted price.  A recent survey of their cheap prices found for boy’s polo shirts for under $10 if you buy one, about $7.50 for orders over two and a four-pack of multi-colored shirts for $30.

Fortunately, you can find long-sleeved polo shirts at Old Navy, including school uniform polos in many different colors to suit your specific school’s requirements.

The men’s polo shirts are also available in different colors, but also have some variety of styles like striped polos and golf shirts with a moisture wicking fabric that allows for more comfort for active wear.

One of the advantages of shopping for polo shirts at Old Navy include the ability to have them shipped to you anywhere, and they usually offer free shipping for orders over $50. The also offer a $7 flat shipping rate for orders under $50, and if you are not happy with the size or color you can do a free exchange at any Old Navy store.

Be on the lookout for Old Navy coupons as they are frequently offered at different times of the year so you can purchase cheap polo shirts or any other item that the store might offer.  Bundling multiple items into one order can help to get your order over the minimum amount for free shipping which really cuts down on the overall price. You might also consider shopping at other discount stores, online auction sites or similar retailers to find polo shirts at either wholesale prices or bulk order of shirts at much discounted prices.

Also note that many stores, and Old Navy does this as well, offer steep discounts on their clothing, including boys polo shirts, in the months leading up to Christmas.  Consider waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to see what kind of offers you might find and you might be surprised at how cheap you can find quality polo shirts.

Bulk Polo Shirts at Wholesale Prices

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Bulk Polo ShirtsBulk Polo Shirts Discount

Buying good quality polo shirts in bulk quantities at wholesale prices is not always an easy endeavor. You may want a bunch of cheap Ralph Lauren Polos, or a bulk batch of Hilfiger shirts, but where can you buy them and be sure you’re getting the real thing and at fair prices?

Certainly, each year the major manufacturers of polo shirts, including such top brand as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Abercrombie, and the other traditional clothing designers and companies introduce new lines of their wares, including of course the iconic Polo shirts that everyone has grown to love. This provides a great opportunity for discerning shoppers, including those looking for good bargain on cheap polo shirts, to hunt down a special or a sale and possibly buy a bulk number of shirts at near wholesale prices.

You may have been shopping recently in your local store or mall trying to find good deals on shirts, but you probably haven’t had much luck.  People try to scour the discount racks, and this is oftentimes successful, especially if a store is clearing out a large quantity of last years shirts, trying to make room for the new line of polo shirts. You might find stores shifting their emphasis to a new brand that has become more popular or a style of polo shirt with different patterns or colors, although you can’t really go wrong with just a nice black polo shirt.

Another option for finding the right price on polo shirts is often at outlet malls. Traditional stores will send some of their overflow or discontinued clothing lines to these stores, or the actual manufacturer of designer labels and brands might ship directly to the store.  You might find some of the clothing to have very minor defects, but usually the clothing will be of the same high quality you’d find in the normal store.  The problem is that you don’t always get the best deals at these outlet malls despite the fact that you think you’re saving money.

Of course, sometimes discount stores like Ross and Marshall’s offers name brand, designer clothing, including major Polo Shirt labels at their stores, and I’ve been able to find great bargains on bulk Ralph Lauren Polo brand shirts and other accessories at these stores. However, you don’t usually find a bulk selection of these items since there generally just a few of each item available at each store.

Since you can’t always find bulk polo shirts in your area at a local store, and if they are at wholesale prices, you can’t find a large quantity, the best bet is to turn to the internet and online outlet stores or even retailers specializing in finding good wholesale bargains or a selection of large quantity, discounted shirts and boys polos. You’ll find that certain companies make a business of providing a good discount if you order in bulk, and sometimes you can even find name brand Polo shirts, though you’ll usually have better luck finding lesser brands such as Jerzees or Hanes.  There is really nothing wrong with these brands, as far as basic quality and construction, and these might be the perfect thing for your needs, especially if you’re looking to buy a large number of Polo shirts at discounted prices.

I’ve been able to, with a bit of patience and quite a bit of diligence, also find some interesting deals and specials via online auction sites, namely Ebay. If you do a little bit of hunting, you’ll find some of the major designers, but again, you’re much more likely to find some of the second tier brands like Gildan, Hanes, Outer Banks and Jerzees.  You can usually find Izod polo shirts in bulk here at very reasonable prices.

Black Polo Shirts

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Black Polo ShirtBlack Polo Shirts

Nothing screams casual elegance than a black polo shirt.  In fact, the great thing about polo shirts in general is that they have comfort and wear of a nice t-shirt, but they don’t quite have that sloppy, careless look. Instead, a nice quality polo shirt in black tells people that you care what you look like but you’d like to be comfortable while doing it.

Black polo shirts look great with a nice pair of jeans or even a pair of khaki pants.  They’re really quite versatile and probably something everyone should have in their wardrobe. Consider owning a couple of black shirts, possibly a Ralph Lauren polo or maybe one from Lacoste or Hilfiger. The quality of these designers is unparalleled and you’ll get many long years out of these nicely made shirts.

Another option that is increasingly common and very appropriate for casual occasions when it gets colder would be a long-sleeved black polo shirt.  This has a slightly more formal look, although it is still quite flexible and suitable for many different types of functions or activities.

You should be able to find boys polo shirts at just about any clothing store or retailer, but you might find better deals online. You might even consider buying your polo shirts in bulk to save even more money.

The great thing about black polo shirts, short or long-sleeved, is that they are well made, relatively inexpensive and extremely versatile.  Consider adding a few to your wardrobe and I guarantee you’ll start wearing a polo shirt more than you had thought you would.

Bulk Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Buying Ralph Lauren polo shirts in bulk is one of the best ways to save some money and get a great deal on quality shirts.  The problem, of course, is finding these great deals and getting the style and color of Ralph Lauren shirts you’re really looking for.  It would be a waste of money if you had to buy, for example, a dozen of the exact same color and size unless you were buying in bulk in order to have make custom embroidered polo shirts for an event or your business.

A couple of the more common places to buy bulk or wholesale polo shirts, especially from designers like Ralph Lauren or Hilfiger, would be either Ebay or an outlet store.  The problem with the former is that you can’t always be sure of the quality or authenticity of the product.  You may be buying ripoffs or some kind of defective product.  The problem with outlet stores is that you can’t really buy in bulk, per se, and the prices are not really that much better than retail.

There are a couple of international wholesalers that offer the best opportunity to buy Ralph Lauren polo shirts in bulk. One of the most prolific online sites to find wholesalers is  There are several companies that are listed on that site that feature bulk polo shirt opportunities though you have to do a little legwork to hunt down the supplier and actually make the purchase.

Once you do a thorough search and hunt down just the right supplier, you can usually find a good deal on bulk Ralph Lauren polo shirts. The problems you may find is that you’ll have to order a minimum number of shirts and you may find some of you discount wiped away with shipping or other charges. Before you make your purchase, be sure you understand all of the details and please verify that the supplier is a reputable business. Remember the old adage, “if it’s too good to be true” be very skeptical and make sure what you’re getting into.

Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Embroidered Polo ShirtCustom Embroidered Polo Shirt

Utilizing custom embroidered polo shirts is always a great way to advertise your business, promote your event or give away at conferences. We are all familiar with some of the more common stitched branded logos like those on Ralph Lauren polo shirts or those from Lacoste. People are naturally drawn to look at that section of your polo shirt and are even more likely to notice if you have something unique.

A boys polo shirt that is used for a school uniform is another great use for ordering bulk polo shirts to have customized with the schools logo or mascot. You can really help show your school spirit with a well-made polo shirt and a nicely designed custom embroidery job.

A custom polo shirt is generally embroidered rather than printed like other custom designed shirts and clothing.  A polo shirt is rather unique in that regard and it clearly adds some elegance to the shirt by giving it a better quality feel. You’ll want to make sure you really do your research to find both the best price but also the best quality.  Good workmanship, a tight quality control and affordable prices are all part of what makes a good apparel maker and embroiderer.

The price of a polo shirt that is custom embroidered is going to vary quite a bit depending on a number of factors:

  • The quality of the shirt.
  • The number of embroidered shirts ordered.
  • The complexity and uniqueness of the design.

Most good quality businesses will be able to provide you with a numerous design possibilities as well as stock art to choose from.  Additionally, you should be able to upload your own artwork so that the designer, or digitizer, can correctly reproduce your own company, school or event logo on your shirt.

You should also be able to choose from a wide variety of materials for your polo shirt.  These fabrics are usually cotton pique,  a pique poly/cotton blend or simply a 100% polyester or cotton shirt.  A nice combed cotton pique or a polo shirt made from Egyptian cotton will probably be the most expensive choice but will give you the most elegant and refined look.

Another often overlooked aspect of a custom embroidered polo shirt is the type of thread that is used, the stitch pattern and the backing material.  Typically, the thread is made from either polyester or rayon.  Rayon typically looks better although it is prone to breaking while polyester thread is more durable but does not always reproduce the best design.  The backing material is usually of two varieties: tearaway or cutaway. A cutaway backing material, one that must be cut away with scissors after the sewing, is best for k nit fabrics while the tearaway kind is found in woven fabrics.  Some companies may try to cut corners by using the incorrect backing or no backing at all.  Make sure you find out these little details before you complete an order for a custom embroidered polo shirt.

Kids Polo Shirts

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Boy Polo ShirtKids Polo ShirtsChild Polo Shirts

If you’re looking to add some clothing item sto your son’s or daughter’s wardrobe then a kind of apparel which you’ll definitely want to consider is children’s polo shirts. These shirts have many advantages.

Firstly, these shirts are extremely versatile. Your child will be able to wear them to any occasion including Sunday School and his or her friends’ birthday parties. Secondly, polos are extremely durable. Not only are they easy to clean, they are quite rugged and can last for many years. If your child is in the middle of a growth spirt you will want to consider buying a size that’s one or two sizes to big. For example, if you son is a small, then you might want to buy him a medium so that he does not grow out of the clothing too quickly.

One major drawback to buying your kids’ clothes at the mall in America or Canadian department stores such as Filene’s Basement, Macy’s, Sears, JC Penny’s, Bloomingdales or Nordstrom is that they won’t have the size or color you’d like to purchase. Another great option is to visit online clothing stores. Site’s such as, eBay,, Overstock and are well reputed for offering great customer service, fast and easy PayPal checkout and
options such as free shipping if you order a sufficient number of items.

Amazon, for example, an an extremely vast selection of polo shirts for kids. You’ll be able to find all your favorite brands including Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle, GAP, Land’s End, Ed Hardy and Ecko. Furthermore, with the site’s highly advanced search engine you’ll be able to find specific shirts such as cotton, pique, long sleeve and golf styles. If you’re looking for some really good deals then you might want to head on over to eBay.

The advantage of shopping there is that you can buy shirts at wholesale prices in bulk (lots) and you can find some great deals on used or second-hand items.

We hope you’ve been able to find some great tips on buying kids polo shirts here and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Nike Polo Shirts

Monday, February 15th, 2010
Nike Polo Shirts Nike Polo Shirt nike golf shirts

The best thing about official sports gear manufacturers is the high quality and widely preferred collections of remarkably comfortable and trendy apparel in their league. Nike polo shirts for instance are top of the line clothing that stays true to the Nike legacy. Hence, for men, women and children, there is a variety of t-shirts and sporty garments to choose from.

Men’s polo shirts are varied in its style, materials and comfort level no matter what your sport may be. Tennis and golf enthusiasts need not conform to the conventional sports gears that do not showcase contemporary designs and style. With its color variations, innumerable designs from classy and proper sports apparel to more active-themed garments, you definitely have the luxury of choice such as roll out polo, long and short sleeved designs for an outstanding fit. Materials used for its manufacture ranges from 100% polyester for dry-fit look and cotton materials for higher comfort level.

Women’s polo shirts are equally high quality clothing with 100% polyester materials for truly exceptional moisture control. It has sophisticated designs and embroidery for trademark of excellence from Nike. Its series is made to perfectly fit your figure as you showcase your team spirit in supporting your favorite playing team every game day. It is truly amazing to have such stylish designs that fit your sporty and active side without sacrificing your fashionable looks. Now you have the chance to choose in its wide array of color variation from pink, white and green among others.

Nike’s remarkable reviews made it the top choice for sports enthusiasts in searching for sports apparel to buy online. Get the greatest deals when you purchase by bulk or wholesale and compare prices for a productive investment in the sports gear industry. It’s high time to express your sportive passion only with the best manufacturer ever.

Whether you’re looking for kids polo shirts or clothing for adults we hope you’ve been able to find some good deals here!