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Bulk School Uniform Polo Shirts

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

School Uniform Polo ShirtSchool Uniform Polo Shirts

Shopping for some new Uniform Polo Shirts? Or, looking to buy a bulk order of polo shirts? Many stores offer a bulk discount at near wholesale prices for back-to-school uniform polo shirts.

Well, as summer begins to wind down, thoughts turn to a new school year and the need for new uniforms.  Perhaps it’s the middle of the school year and that new polo shirt you got last year is fraying at the edge and you need a polo shirt at wholesale prices–buying a bulk order can certainly cut down on prices.

If you’re hunting for a good deal on polo shirts, or more specifically, a specific school uniform that is mandated by your school, it’s not a bad idea to hunt for some wholesale prices to save some money.  If you really don’t need to buy a bulk order of shirts for yourself, you might want to pool your resources together with some other parents to save some money.

There are a few places that specialize in bulk order with quick delivery.  You can also usually find a discounted rate the more polo shirts you order and most any online shirt and clothing store will offer free shipping if you order over a certain amount.  Shops like Jiffy Shirts and are just a couple of stores offering good deals with a bulk discount. You can usually find a coupon on the site with a discounted rate or simply add a certain number of items to your cart to receive the reduced rate.

It is not always possible to find the best brands like Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts or Tommy Hilfiger shirts if you’re looking for the cheapest prices.  You can often try places like Ebay or Amazon for bulk order on these brands.  However, if an online store offers a discounted rate on the quantity or amount you spend, then it is possible to obtain near wholesale prices with a bulk order for just about any brand of polo shirt.

Land's End Polo ShirtAnother option that can be overlooked but offers a great value on really high quality shirts are those found at Land’s End.  They usually offer a discounted rate if you buy three or more shirts at a time. They have exceptional quality school uniform and polo shirts with a generous return policy if you are not happy with your selection.

There are other brands of polo shirts that are appropriate for a school uniform and you can find good prices at stores like The Children’s Place, Sears, Target and even Wal-Mart. Online, look for brands like Lacoste, Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren, French Toast and other name brands that you can count on. Try to find deals on bulk orders where you can qualify for a discounted price on Back-to-School Polo Shirts and Uniforms.

Ralph Lauren Boys Polo Shirts

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Ralph Lauren Boys Polos

If you have a son or a nephew and are looking to buy him a top then you will want to consider Ralph Lauren polo shirts for boys. In addition to being highly stylish and fashionable these shirts are extremely durable, always hold their shape and can be worn for many years. Furthermore, many kids don’t like dressing up and designer polo shirts make for excellent outfits for more formal gatherings. RL’s kids polos come in two main size ranges: 2-7 and 8-20. So, you should be able to find your size very easily.

Here are some of our favorite shirts for boys in Ralph Laurens’ 2011 collection.

Ocean Race Polo Shirt

Ocean Race Polo ShirtThis is the boys’ Ocean Race polo shirt. This rugby design top features a large pony polo logo and different colors depending on the country of choice.  For the USA model, there is embroidered navy blue pony on the left chest with a dual flag logo on the right chest. The shirt’s color is red, white and blue and has the word United States written in white on the outside. The upper portion of the shirt is red and the lower portion is light with navy blue trim running down the sides and around the ribbed short sleeves. The left sleeve has an American flag on it and a right sleeve has number three. The back of the shirt features the words United States with the number three. The shirt comes in sizes 2-4T, six, seven and eight. With a retail price of only $59.50 the shirt is highly affordable.

Mesh Flag Polo

Another extremely popular item is the create-yourself mesh polo shirt. What’s fantastic about this is that you can actually specify what you want to have on your top. The basic shirt features a two-button placket solid colored shirt with a big pony logo on the left chest and the country flag of your choice on the right chest. There are many flags available of a lot of countries including the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France and many more. Sizes available range from2-4T, six, seven and eight. RL offers several options for color schemes including the following: Blue and white, black and white, red and blue, white and blue and white and red. Finally, you can actually enter your son’s name and have it embroidered on the shirt directly. With a retail price of only $60 this truly is a bargain for a customized polo shirt.

Neon Big Pony Polo

Neon Big Pony PoloIf your son is slightly older then you might want to consider the neon pig pony polo shirt. This shirt is cotton mesh and extremely comfortable. Sizes include small, medium, large and extra-large. There are a wide variety of colors which you can select including navy blue, royal blue, green, red, yellow and black. The shirt has a cheap retail price of only $45, making it very affordable. What’s great is that it can go very well with both khaki shorts and khaki pants. The shirt would also go very well with the pair of blue jeans.

Banner Stripe Big Pony Polo

Banner Stripe Big Pony PoloOne final shirt that’s definitely worth considering if you have a son who requires a slightly larger size is the banner stripe big pony polo. The shirt features the iconic large polo logo across the upper left chest as well as the number three on the right sleeve. This is a short-sleeve polo with a solid color and a diagonal wide stripe running from the right shoulder down to the bottom left of the shirt. The collar has three stripes on the outside making it highly fashionable. Colors include solid white with a navy blue pony logo and solid navy blue with a yellow logo. Sizes include small, medium, large and extra large. The retail price is $45.

Shop on Amazon and eBay & Save

One great way to save money when shopping online for cheap polo shirts is to visit the websites of both Amazon and eBay. On eBay you will find that row for and polos for boys range between the prices of just $3 and $65. Another great aspect of eBay is that you can buy bulk polo shirt lots and you can even find used items. You can also consider Amazon where you can buy these shirts from around $35-$50. What’s fantastic about Amazon is that the site offers excellent customer reviews which can help you to make a wise purchasing decision.

Cheap Polo Shirts for Boys

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Buying cheap polo shirts for kids or even buying wholesale polo shirts can be a challenge if you’re at all concerned about good quality as well as a good deal. Anything polo shirt you buy online, of course, can be of questionable quality unless you buy from a reputable company.  You can always buy in a mall or outlet store, looking at places like Gap Kids, Old Navy or The Children’s Store, but these aren’t always the best place to find good deals.

One way to find cheap polo shirts that are well made and affordable is to try and find a site where you can read reviews from other customers. Unless the retailer is screening reviews, it is usually possible to discern the quality of the product from those who already bought something before.

Finding a bargain polo shirt is great, and once you find a good deal you should try to leverage your relationship with that retailer.  Don’t be afraid to contact them directly and ask for a deal on bulk polo shirt purchases or even some sort of wholesale deal.

There are companies that will provide wholesale prices to individuals, but it is not always easy to find. More likely, you can find retailers who have made bulk purchases of polo shirts from manufacturers and they, in turn, are looking to unload cheap polo shirts at wholesale prices.

Dockers Free Pants

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Over the years many people from other countries have told me that the problem with Americans is that they’re just not as intelligent as people from their countries and that reflects strongly in American media with over simplified movie plots and television commercials. I beg to differ.

During Super Bowl XLIV halftime on February 7, 2010 between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts the Dockers clothing company ran an extraordinary advertisement that was both stimulating and funny. The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in the United States and with companies having to pay up to three million dollars to run a short 30-second ad they had better be clever about how they get their message across.

In the beginning of the ad you see a man walking across a field alone in his briefs. He’s not particularly good looking and thus the average guy like myself can relate. He’s singing at the top of his lungs, “I Wear No Pants!”. The, you see a group of about 20 other men join him singing together. Then, a man’s voice come on and says, “Men, It’s time to wear the pants. Apply for a pair of Dockers Khaki Pants now at Dockers.Com.

I think this ad is absolutely brilliant. When you go to you’re instructed to enter your name and email as they’re giving away “thousands of pairs of free pants”. Dockers is an extremely clever marketing technique. By getting you to sign up for a pair of free khakis they get you in the door (so to speak, this is the Internet after all!) as a new or potential customer to buy other products such as polo shirts. Basically, it’s a win-win situation: You get pants and they have the chance to derive more sales revenues from you in the future. What a cool marketing hook!

Watch the video here and tell us your thoughts about this ad!

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts Wholesale

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
Wholesale Polo Shirts Bundle Polo Shirts Bulk Polo Shirts

Order polos in bulk today!

Purchasing polo shirts in bulk is a fantastic way for you to get your hands on these wonderful shirts at discount prices. In particular, buying Ralph Lauren polo shirts in large numbers is advantageous as they can be extremely hard on the wallet when buying them individually. There are also sorts of great bargains to be had online and with little digging you can find some really good deals!

Buying polos at wholesale prices online is also a great way to save some money. While buying polos in high numbers looks like a good idea at first keep in mind that a lot of the time you may have to buy a large number of shirts either in the same size or the same color or both. This can be a bit of a drawback for some shoppers.

When it comes to buying polos in large lots there seems to be one golden rule: The more you buy the more you save. One of the greatest advantages here is that if you run a company or are in charge of a school or hospital you can buy a large number of shirts for your staff. You can then print you company’s logo on the shirts. This will save you a bundle of cash compared to buying them individually at the department store. This also applies to schools and summer camps. If you need to get a lot of boys and girls into a school uniform don’t settle for the inflated prices at the mall and buy them online!

If you fear that you won’t be able to find the shirts you’d like in bulk fear not! With a simple search online you’ll see that you can find all of your favorite Ralph Lauren polos in short sleeves, long sleeves, with pocket, without pocket, fitted or loose. Also, you’ll find that almost any color of design that you desire is available.

In addition to finding some great deals the key added advantage to purchasing Ralph Lauren polo shirts in bulk is that you’ll get a high quality item that will not wear and tear over time. Indeed, these polo shirts are some of the most rugged of garments and can be worn for many years.

One last hint: Go for items with free shipping as this can also save you a bundle of money on your purchase.

We hope this website has helped you to  buy polo shirts online has helped and hope to see you here again in the not to distant future!

My Love of Polo Shirts

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

My love of polo shirts goes back to my early childhood. Ever since I was a little kid I have admired people who have worn polo shirts. In today’s society where it’s extremely important to look good people are constantly trying to buy clothes that make them look rich or wealthy. Personally, I think this is a bunch of hogwash but the truth is in today’s fast-paced world not only do you have to look good you have to dress to impress!

When I was in elementary school it suddenly became important for boys dress well. Whether it was to impress the girls or to simply stand out in the crowd all of a sudden all the kids were buying polo shirts. At that time of course you could not buy polo shirts online but there were many wonderful factory outlets near my house in New England.

I remember at the time there were many brands of polo shirts to chose with Lacoste rating at top of the list. But, there was one brand of polo shirt that rated even higher: the Ralph Lauren polo shirt. Yes, it was that shirt with the little horse logo that all the children wanted. Why? Because it look cool! So, if you wore a polo that did not have the horse you were considered “cool” but not a member of the inner circle clique though!

Anyways, throughout the years I always admired people wearing polo shirts. What’s so great about these shirts is that you can wear them on any occasion. Whether you have an afternoon party with the family or have an informal meeting with some co-workers you can wear a polo shirt. And of course they look good on people of all ages!

So, we hope this website about boys polo shirts has helped and thank you for visiting our site!