Bulk Polo Shirts at Wholesale Prices

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Buying good quality polo shirts in bulk quantities at wholesale prices is not always an easy endeavor. You may want a bunch of cheap Ralph Lauren Polos, or a bulk batch of Hilfiger shirts, but where can you buy them and be sure you’re getting the real thing and at fair prices?

Certainly, each year the major manufacturers of polo shirts, including such top brand as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Abercrombie, and the other traditional clothing designers and companies introduce new lines of their wares, including of course the iconic Polo shirts that everyone has grown to love. This provides a great opportunity for discerning shoppers, including those looking for good bargain on cheap polo shirts, to hunt down a special or a sale and possibly buy a bulk number of shirts at near wholesale prices.

You may have been shopping recently in your local store or mall trying to find good deals on shirts, but you probably haven’t had much luck.  People try to scour the discount racks, and this is oftentimes successful, especially if a store is clearing out a large quantity of last years shirts, trying to make room for the new line of polo shirts. You might find stores shifting their emphasis to a new brand that has become more popular or a style of polo shirt with different patterns or colors, although you can’t really go wrong with just a nice black polo shirt.

Another option for finding the right price on polo shirts is often at outlet malls. Traditional stores will send some of their overflow or discontinued clothing lines to these stores, or the actual manufacturer of designer labels and brands might ship directly to the store.  You might find some of the clothing to have very minor defects, but usually the clothing will be of the same high quality you’d find in the normal store.  The problem is that you don’t always get the best deals at these outlet malls despite the fact that you think you’re saving money.

Of course, sometimes discount stores like Ross and Marshall’s offers name brand, designer clothing, including major Polo Shirt labels at their stores, and I’ve been able to find great bargains on bulk Ralph Lauren Polo brand shirts and other accessories at these stores. However, you don’t usually find a bulk selection of these items since there generally just a few of each item available at each store.

Since you can’t always find bulk polo shirts in your area at a local store, and if they are at wholesale prices, you can’t find a large quantity, the best bet is to turn to the internet and online outlet stores or even retailers specializing in finding good wholesale bargains or a selection of large quantity, discounted shirts and boys polos. You’ll find that certain companies make a business of providing a good discount if you order in bulk, and sometimes you can even find name brand Polo shirts, though you’ll usually have better luck finding lesser brands such as Jerzees or Hanes.  There is really nothing wrong with these brands, as far as basic quality and construction, and these might be the perfect thing for your needs, especially if you’re looking to buy a large number of Polo shirts at discounted prices.

I’ve been able to, with a bit of patience and quite a bit of diligence, also find some interesting deals and specials via online auction sites, namely Ebay. If you do a little bit of hunting, you’ll find some of the major designers, but again, you’re much more likely to find some of the second tier brands like Gildan, Hanes, Outer Banks and Jerzees.  You can usually find Izod polo shirts in bulk here at very reasonable prices.

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